I am a caring, giving, and non-judgmental person. I believe the best in people, but there are still basic rules to observe, to ensure we have a memorable encounter. Prior to our date, please do read my website completely, paying attention to my Etiquette and FAQ sections.

Privacy and safety are paramount to both you and I. Please be honest in providing your verification details. Any information used in my booking form is for my screening purposes only and will not be stored or shared. I also ask that you not divulge any details of our date and I shall do the same for you. If you absolutely cannot resist writing a review from our unforgettable date, please do so in a tasteful manner.

Donations are for my time and companionship only and are non-negotiable. Any attempt to negotiate before or during our date will result in the appointment being terminated.

Please be respectful of our time together and be punctual for our date, not too early and certainly not running late! I will not be able to extend the duration of our date if you are late.

Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. I am always immaculately groomed and I ask that you do the same in return. A minty fresh breath is a great ice-breaker!

There’s no need to be nervous during our date. If you like, you may bring an unopened beverage of choice, or I can provide one for us to share. However, being inebriated or disorderly during our date is a big no-no!

As with any date with a lady, I expect you to be chivalrous and be a gentleman. Kindly refrain from explicit questions and statements. I will also not respond to disrespectful language or requests for specific acts.

I certainly don’t blame you for not wanting our time to end! If you would like to extend our date, simply let me know and have the additional donation ready. If I have no other commitments conflicting with our time, I am happy to spend more time with you.

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