Yes, at least 24 to 72 hours in advance is greatly appreciated. Sometimes, I have same-day availability due to an unexpected cancellation. To ensure my availability, please notify me at least four hours in advance.

Rates are never negotiable. Please don’t ask for a discount or half-hour appointments. A one-hour minimum is required for all appointments.

When you arrive, please place an unsealed envelope where I can see it. Please don’t make me ask for it.

$100 per hour deposit is required for all appointments 2 hours or longer. I accept cash, PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo.

I update my photos twice a year. I also post selfie’s and new photos on Twitter regularly.

No, I do not tour. Private travel to clients within the continental USA is 10k per weekend plus expenses. 50% deposit and screening are required.

Absolutely, once the verification and deposit processes are complete, I am happy to meet you for coffee. The same rates still apply.

I value my privacy and yours as well. I will not provide selfies or photos that are not on my website. In addition, photos or videos are not allowed during our time together.

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